Wednesday, June 18, 2008

David's Birthday

Because of Father's Day we postponed David's party for a couple weeks. My mom and brother took us out to brunch to celebrate and we went to see "The Incredible Hulk" while we were in Eugene for Laura's graduation party. The stadium seating and recliner seats in the theaters in Eugene are much more comfortable than the ones in town.

For his birthday this year we are having friends over for a Rock Band party and Guitar Competition. We have trophies and prizes for the winners. I'll write more about that complete with pictures when the time comes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hawaiian Themed Dinner

We were invited to a Luau Murder Mystery Party at Dave and Holly O's house. We didn't get to play the murder mystery game because one of the guests couldn't make it, but we had a great time anyway with Holly's sister and her husband. We had all prepared part of the Hawaiian themed dinner and it was delicious. We dressed up as our characters, I was supposed to be a hula girl and David was going as a tribal chief. They picked the "gringo"-est two to play the natives.

We will get together another time to play the game, but dressing in a theme was fun too. 

When we decided not to proceed without the last guest, we headed to our house and played Rock Band for the rest of the evening. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working on the House

At the beginning of June David and I decided to take a week off, since he was off school, to do some work around the house. These are the before pictures of the front "lawn" and flower bed.

Here is David working the roto-tiller. I shoveled in all the edges. David said he was surprised at how much work I did. I think he thought he was going to have to do this all by himself. Our neighbor told him he was lucky because he has a wife that will do the work with him. We got a lot of compliments from the neighbors and lots of drive-by lookers. 
Here are the after pictures. The lawn is seeded but hasn't started sprouting yet. We are looking forward to it turning green. The path expanded as we removed the dirt and weeds that had grown into it. We put borders around the tree and the flower bed on the sunny side of the lawn. We leveled the part under the tree which had a lot of big holes. It took a lot of dirt to get it flattened out. A wheel barrow would have come in handy but we didn't think of it until we were almost done. We learned a lot during this big project. 

I am filling in these front two planters with ground covers and stepping stones.