Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Milky Way Magnets

We're doing a theme unit from the outside in of the universe down to the earth and moon, then we will transition to geography and habitats. This week we made a galaxy with a swirl wooden piece I found at the craft store.

We used:
1 wood piece each
white paint
glitter stars

First the children painted their wooden swirl. My two year old was able to do it with help and really enjoyed it. My five year old was able to do it on her own without help. We let them dry while we did other projects and schoolwork.

When the pieces were dry I applied glue to my 2 year old's shape and showed him how to pinch the glitter and sprinkle it on. My 5 year old was able to do the project unassisted. Once the glue dried I glued the magnets on the back so we could put them on our refrigerator.

Tiger (2yo) was so proud of his galaxy. He was bringing it to us and talking about it for days. It was so awesome to experience his sense of accomplishment. He would also bring me the glue again for days and the galaxy showing me he wanted to do it again. We found other ways to use the glue!

Blueberry's (5yo) favorite part was the glitter!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Money Math Madness

Too much with the alliteration? Ok, well, we do have fun.

Blueberry is finishing up Kindergarten math concepts so we're making sure she has a solid grasp of money values. We found some cute books at the library. Our favorite so far is "A dollar, a penny, how much, and how many?" by Brian P. Cleary.

We did coin rubbings, and wrote the name and value of each coin. Then we did sorting with some play money I found at the dollar store. 

If you've never done rubbings, simply peel the label off a broken crayon. Darker colors work best. Experiment with pressure to see what turns out best for you.