Sunday, August 10, 2014

Starting School in August

We were kind of done with summer, at least the "not having to do anything" part of it. We kept busy, don't get me wrong, but not having a plan was getting old around here. We still have playdates and pool times but Blueberry needed a little more structure so we decided to start school in August. She is ready for Kindergarten, but we are still reinforcing some preschool concepts. She seemed reluctant until we actually started and now she asks to do her schoolwork!! I have been praying for an attitude change in her so that was awesome!

We are happy to be sharing this experience with a family we are friends and neighbors with. We are trading off teaching once a week, following the Letter of the Week idea from Confessions of a Homeschooler Blog. I'm excited to share this experience with a good friend, the mutual support is a great blessing.

Blueberry is sounding out words and learning how to write. She enjoys adding and subtracting so we will be reinforcing those concepts. We are doing some art and music this year, as well as some science and art that will be based around her interests.

Tiger is doing tot school activities while big sister is doing her school. We involve him as much as possible!

Read Build Write
with Sight Words Color-by-Number from 1+1+1=1 Blog
We do the sight words one day and reinforce with the RBW activity on another day.

We are still having some summer fun with a boat we made out of a box.
Summer Playdate with WIPG Friends

Tiger often just plays with the pencils or crayons. As long as he doesn't eat them, I'm OK.

When Nonna comes, she participates in school too.
Tiger checking out our new Preschool Circle Time board.
Pattern Block Fun

"More" Stickers, Mommy!

Foam Blocks Tot Tray

Foam Block Fun because she likes them too!

Summer Fun Recap


Park and Picnic with friends at our neighborhood park.

Found an Insect
Nana was visiting from Alaska and we found a bug on our walk. We also found ripe blackberries.

 We found a fun place to play by the river. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks. The water was cold but pleasant in the August heat.

Yogurt at Sweeties with the Family

Frozen Yogurt, Yum!

Wading Pool fun with our WIPG Friends

Sand Park Play Date with WIPG Friends

We were invited to a birthday party at the Mollala Train Park. It was super fun family time! We got to ride the trains around the park and celebrated our friend's birthday.

Blueberry at Pisgah Arboredum

Running across the bridge, back and forth was the best!!

We met our friends at Alton Baker Park for the Bug Hunting activity. The girls mostly played. Tiger loves his little friend. We started preschool and next week we are doing "I is for insect" so it fit in with our theme.

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