Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Picking up Toys

I just spent 2 hours with the kids cleaning up toys and straightening up. We have been quite busy lately and we were a bit behind. I can tell that even though they are hardly adept at any sort of cleaning and organizing, they do appreciate an open space to play, in their own way.

On my part so much energy is spent ignoring the mess that it is a huge relief to have it "less messy'. I feel like I have the space to think now. We still have clutter. We LIVE here. We cook, play, learn and do projects.

I use Love and Logic to get my children to help. OK, the little one doesn't exactly "help" but he is easily redirected and we make it fun. My 4 year old knows I mean it when I say "Only kids that help clean up get to have a say on what stays and what goes. If I do it all by myself I may put it all away in a box for a while." She seemed unfazed when I did that the first time, saying "I don't really want to play with my toys anyway", but she has helped EVERY SINGLE TIME since then. I'm not saying I'm an awesome parent or that she's an awesome child, just that Love and Logic just works. We have been using L&L for over 2 years now so the kids are "trained" but it really doesn't take long to implement logical consequences.

It is hard to disappoint your child when they expect to get their way, but it is so worth it in the long run when they start expecting you to set boundaries and don't challenge them as often.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Family Time in the Spring

Newport, OR

Back in April we had a strangely perfect day at the beach in Newport, OR

We packed a picnic lunch and stopped for seafood before we headed home.

Willamalane Park


We ventured to explore many of the new parks in the area. Sometimes all together, sometimes when David was at work and other times with friends.

Peace, Love, Pottery
Mommy + Daughter Time

Family Fishing Day at Alton Baker Park


Out for Coffee at the Washburne Cafe, Downtown Springfield, OR

Cabela's Outdoor Adventure Day

Blueberry getting to shoot a bow and arrow "just like Robin Hood" at Cabela's