Friday, January 28, 2011

Blueberry learned the sign "outside"

We have been using a sign that is like turning a door knob in space in front of you to mean "outside". Blueberry likes to go outside for walks in the morning and she has started telling us that after breakfast she wants to go outside because that is her routine.

We have been using a sign for "drink" that is holding your hand in a "C" shape and bringing it to your mouth like a cup. Blueberry hasn't been able to do that yet, but instead she uses the sign for "eat" and then does a loud exhale like you make when you drink something refreshing "ahhh". This means "drink" to her.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning "up" and "down"

Nonna has been watching Blueberry while I do work at the house so she doesn't miss me too much. Blueberry was watching Mommy go up and down the ladder so we told her "Mommy is going up the ladder" and "Mommy is going down the ladder" with signs for "up" and "down". She would say "uhh" and do a sign for "up" and say "daa" with the sign for "down". The sings really help us interpret what she is trying to say.