Monday, June 25, 2007

Coos Bay and Bandon for the Day

David and I just needed to get away this weekend. So Sunday we risked bad weather and drove over to the coast. We were pleasantly surprised when the rain clouds cleared up for some sun by mid morning. Apparently it was better weather than they had at home.

Shore Acres is one of our favorite places to go. We took some pictures of flowers and birds at the gardens. We also staked out some camping spots along the coast for future trips. We had seafood at a local diner and headed over to Old Town Bandon. It was sad to see that the Bandon Cheese Factory was closed for good. It was always a tradition to go there. No more cheese curds! =( We did walk around and window shopped the antiques, collectibles and books.

We couldn't leave the coast without walking on the beach so we went to one of the beaches in Bandon and just walked breathing in the ocean spray. David was disappointed because we had mosly high tide all day and he wanted to look at the tide pools. We found out that low tide was in the middle of the night these days. We got a tide book so we can see them when we come next time. I went barefoot and got my feet wet in the frigid water. It is very grounding to walk in the sand with bare feet. We stopped occasionally to admire the different colored rocks that collected on the shore. David found a small jellyfish (about the size of a dime) that had washed up. Eventually the wave came back and reclaimed it to the sea. Overall, it was what we both needed to recover from the last few weeks. It was a great ending to a wonderful day and a fun weekend.

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