Monday, October 1, 2007

Change of Season

Well, it appears to be fall now. The temperature has gone way down and we find ourselves hanging out indoors more. We're staying active by going to the gym. When you live in a wet area, like the Pacific Northwest, it is really nice to have a gym to go to.

If all goes according to plan, David will be starting school in a week. It is really exciting. It looks like he will be able to finish his Associates degree by next summer. That means by this time next year he might have an IT job somewhere. How cool is that!

He also talked to his boss and they are letting him go home at 10:30pm until they hire someone new. That means I get more sleep. YAY! It will make a big difference for the time-being. Now we will be just hoping he gets on a day shift.

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Faerylandmom said...

Do you know something? I pray for you each time I read a blog entry. :-) Can't wait to see ya'll again!