Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Packing...and More Packing

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OK, so we've been really busy packing. The latest is that we have given our notice for moving out of the apartments, but there are delays on getting the house. There are so many details to this whole thing. I hope we get it all straightened out. I just want to be able to enjoy Christmas. I guess if all else fails, we'll throw all our stuff into storage and move in with my mom for a couple weeks. The downside of that would be having to move twice. We will do what we have to do.

David will be done with his second class on Saturday, after which he will have 3 weeks off for Winter Break. It is really good timing IF we are able to move during those 3 weeks. I guess we'll see. There is nothing we can do but just let the process happen.

Oh and here is my new haircut! I wanted something new, and I wanted to go closer to my natural hair color. My hair gets really light in the sun but naturally it is quite dark. Dave likes it too.

David is starting to enjoy cooking. Saturday night he made a wonderful dish that he found in a magazine at work. Pork chops marinated in a honey-raspberry beer, garlic and olive oil. After grilling it, it was topped with fresh green onions, crumbled bacon and feta cheese. It was delicious. He even changed the recipe from the original, substituting feta cheese for the blue cheese because he knows I don't like blue cheese.

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