Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching up...

Oh my! I am so behind. We painted the kitchen 3 weekends ago. The following weekend my mom, Holly and I went shopping at second hand/antique stores with Marie (she needed some furniture to fill up her house) and I found a wall hanging that is perfect in the kitchen, you would think we picked our wall colors from this tapestry.
Then my mom and I cleaned up most of the front yard and pruned the rose bushes. There is so much to do but we are enjoying the process. This term isn't as time-intensive for David so he is able to help out around the house a little more. With the help of Dave O, he pruned one of the trees in the front and took out another one that was hanging over the roof and dropping a lot of debris. It was too close to the house and it looks so much better now.

Last weekend we went to Portland. I went shopping with Kelly and Marie on Saturday and Sunday while David and Brandon hung out. On Saturday Brandon's friend, Justin, brought over Rock Band and the guys played ALL DAY. Big surprise! While us girls spent most of our shopping budget on clothes and shoes. LOL. We had a blast. Saturday night we met up with the guys at McMinamins' St. John's theater for dinner and a movie. We saw Charlie Wilson's War. Good movie, but kind of depressing how badly we messed up on that one. We stayed up late playing more Rock Band. I got to try the drums for the first time and it was fun. HARD, but fun! More shopping Sunday and then the drive home. Overall we had a great time, not very restful but a great time.

I'll post house pictures soon. I just wanted to catch up a bit.

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Faerylandmom said...

You're behind now? Wait till you have kids! Teehee! I love you guys!