Monday, May 5, 2008


With spring approaching there are a lot of opportunities to work and play outdoors. For the last two weekends we have been clearing out more weeds (and the dreaded bamboo) from our yard. With the help of my mother, David and I cleared out a large area in our front yard in preparation for some landscaping. We tried to salvage the roses and various other non-weeds, but mostly it was an effort to get the bamboo out that someone thought was a good idea to plant near the house. David did most of the pulling and digging out of the bigger roots while my mother and I did the smaller ones, loosening the soil in preparation for planting. It is a work in progress and I will post pictures of that and of our kitchen.

It is such a pleasure to buy perennials for a house that belongs to us. It feels like we're building towards something. As Dave's dad said to us yesterday, we're "really making it into a comfortable little house" for ourselves. I am starting to see what the potential is for the front yard and David has some great ideas for the back yard. It is so much fun to see it grow and evolve into something more than what it was before. I am happy to be building up an herb garden and a large pot with lettuce for the year. We don't have a large amount of room, but I hope to make the most of what we have with a balance of edible vegetation and pretty plants.

This is what we started with...

We cleared out all the weeds in front of this part of the house and put up the metal sheeting to protect the wood and foundation. Soon this will be all covered in plants. My hand was in the picture to block the sun. I already bought some plants to fill in this space.

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