Sunday, July 13, 2008

David's Birthday Rock Fest 2008

OK, so it's no big secret that we are quite geeky and that we have wonderfully geeky friends. For David's birthday I threw a Rock Band Party complete with Dueling Guitar Contest, trophy, prizes, and of course, costumes. Everyone got into character and we had a blast. Dave and Holly O. brought a projector and we had an 8 foot screen on our wall and Dave R. hooked up huge speakers.

For those that don't know about Rock Band, it is a video game for four players, two guitars, a drum set and a microphone. Points are accumulated for accuracy. The four-player mode is a cooperative effort. There is a tug-of war mode that allows two guitarists to compete. We usually play on the 4-player mode, switching off instruments and microphone. It is a great social game. 

Happy Birthday David!

Boy Band

Girl Band

Mosh Pit

First Place: Holly "Hotfingers" O.
Second Place: Nathan "Tap Out" B.
Third Place: David "Ramb 'a Lam" R.

Best Costumes: David O. and Holly O.


Faerylandmom said...

You guys rock! I'm so jealous!!!

And look purty hawt in that blue wig!!! :-)

Faerylandmom said...

Hey you - I just tagged you for a goofball meme. Here's my post about it. I hope you do it, cuz I'm selfish like that. And tell Dave he can too!

Naomi said...

Haaahaaa I love the blue hair! Looks like you all had a blast.