Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Family Members

Our family has doubled in the last month... we have two new members... of the four-legged variety. We adopted Harlie and Kaci from a family who was moving and could not take them along. They are two female, faun Boxers. They are a lively and fun pair. Both are very affectionate as well as well-mannered.

We live very close to a dog park and we go there so often that the "girls" must think it is an extention of their yard. They love going there and meeting new friends.

Last week we were on vacation, so we took them to Whistler's Bend Park and the Oregon Coast. They love to explore with us and impressed us with being so obedient to "leave it" when they saw a rabbit. They learn very quickly and are eager to please.

Playing Frisbee in our yard with David

Hiking at the Heceta Head Lighthouse Trail on the Oregon Coast

Hanging out in Downtown Roseburg... Being very patient as we had dinner at McMinamin's

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