Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Sign of the Day: Family Members

For this post we are going to tackle the signs for family members. I found a great tutorial video for these so we are going to learn them together. It is a lot easier because the signs are very similar.

Male signs are done above the nose and female signs are done below the nose, on the face. The sign for Mommy is an open hand, and you tap the thumb on the chin. The sign for Daddy is the same, but you tap the thumb on the forehead instead. For grandma and grandpa the sign is similar but instead of tapping you start with the thumb on the chin or forehead and move the hand away twice. (See the video, it really helps) There are also signs for aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and sister on this video.

To differentiate from the grandparents we are going to make up a sign for "Nonna" which will be like the sign for "grandma" but will be with the hand in the position for the ASL letter "N", so instead of an open hand, it will be a letter "N"

Here is a link to ASL letter signs.

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