Saturday, August 13, 2011

Murder at the Nir Cantina

We have some awesome geeky friends who love to host murder mystery parties. This party's theme was Star Wars/sci-fi. It was set in the Nir Cantina, a space outpost. Each of us had assigned characters and races. David was a Divek (feline-humanoid) spaceship mechanic and I was an android crew member of a spaceship.

Patch I sewed for David's costume hat

The Four Daves

Galen, Android Crew member
Inspiration for the body paint HERE.

Cell phone parts

Feline Humanoid

Birthday Dave

Edit: If you want to get this game or any other murder mystery game, check out for Murder at the Nir Cantina and more!


Kyle M said...

Hi Sara,

I landed on this page of your blog while Google searching for mentions of our games on the web. I see you played through Murder at the Nir Cantina with some friends. We love the creative costumes everyone came up with!

I was wondering if you'd be willing to let us use the pics of the party that you posted on our website ( We are working on adding a photo gallery on our website and would love to include those photos.

Please let me know if that would be okay! I can be reached at feedback(at)


PWM Staff

Sara Raynor said...

I emailed you privately. Thanks for asking!