Sunday, December 21, 2014

Anna and Elsa Barbies

Just like most little girls, my daughter is totally into the Frozen movie. All Frozen all the time. Whenever she gets to choose the movie for movie night, which is most times, she chooses Frozen. My husband says if she picks anything else it will be "for the first time in foreverrrr...."

I considered spending our limited Christmas budget on the Disney licensed dolls, but my crafty self got inspired when I saw my daughter's platinum blond Barbie. Then I called my mom and asked her if she had any red-haired barbies in her stash of children's toys. She did!!

Creativity ensued. I had leftover fabric from Blueberry's halloween Elsa costume and other scrap fabric. It is in these times I am glad I didn't throw away the scraps. The hair was the hardest part actually because these dolls have so much hair that getting it to stay right and in a way that they can be played with without the hair falling out is a challenge.

I don't know a lot about hair terminology but I kind of had to fake the braids in some parts and kind of pull just part of the strand around wrapping most of the hair in the middle so it looked like a braid. I gained a lot of respect for people who do this for commercial dolls. I'm sure they don't pay them enough!

Anna's skirt and top are separate and are attached in the back with velcro. The designs are painted on.

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