Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winter Activities for a 2 Year Old

Indoor Playground at the Mall
Winter play in Oregon requires a little creativity and intention. It is usually quite wet outside for most of December through April. Thankfully there are a lot of indoor spaces and play groups we can belong to that offer socialization for our kiddos in a safe environment.

Our playgroup activities are structured through memberships and yearly passes for local educational facilities. We belong to MOPS, which is a nondenominational mom's group for fellowship and support with other moms. We have a membership for our local science museum for kids. We also belong to another indoor playgroup co-op. We subscribe to our local homeschool group newsletter for local activities. We find library story times a little hectic with two little ones, but we like to go on quiet mornings when we have our choice of puzzles and board books.

At home we do art, craft and cooking projects with my 5 year old. My 2 year old is a little more challenging to keep entertained indoors. I make a list of activities to keep him stimulated and at home we do some directed fun throughout the day, interspersed with free choice times.

What is your favorite rainy day activity for your toddler?
Play dough

Library Puzzle Time

Coloring at the Library

Water Sensory Bin

Play Area at the Science Factory, Eugene

Tea Party at our indoor play group.

Rice Sensory Bin

Puff Ball Sensory Bin with a container that I cut holes of different sizes out of the top.

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