Saturday, July 18, 2015

Preschool Worksheet Hacks

You can go through a lot of paper and printer ink, whether you're homeschooling or just keeping your kids busy during the summer. Save time, money and paper with the tips below!

Step 1: Get dollar "store" or dollar "bin" activity books.

Step 2: Cut off the binding.

Pro tip: Tear off the front and back covers and only cut through the papers, about 1/4 inch from the binding. It really helps if you have a heavy-duty paper cutter.

Step 3: Sort the worksheets into useful categories, or according to your preschool themes.

These will be fun to reinforce number concepts.

F is for Frog
B is for Butterfly
L is for Ladybug

Pro Tip: Some worksheets like word puzzles, mazes and dot-to-dot can be reused if you do them in these plastic sleeves with an erasable marker. My daughter enjoys the repetition of doing these types of activities multiple times. Many worksheets can be saved and reused with younger siblings when they're ready.

You can find a set of these that we use HERE.
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