Saturday, August 11, 2007

Douglas County Fair

So we actually went to the fair this year. Dave's dad is running for County Commissioner and had a booth there. David and I agreed to work at the booth Saturday morning and we met a lot of people. I met one of the other commissioners as well. It is a different experience to be at the fair when you are a part of someone's booth. There is much more interaction with people that you normally would never meet. It was a great experience.

Last week my mom asked me to help her bring her art to the fair and she inspired me to enter some of my own art. I entered an 18"x24" cross stitch sampler and 3 photos from our honeymoon last year. My cross stitch and one of my photos won first prizes and another photo won third. The photo that won first was of a lionfish from the UC San Diego aquarium and the one that got third was of the sunset on the pier our first night in California during our honeymoon. There is some disagreement as to who actually took this picture. Dave and I are both sure we composed the shot. That's what happens when you share a camera. However, we are both sure I took the one of the lionfish. It doesn't really matter. So here they are. I'll post a picture of the cross stitch piece as soon as I am able to.

1st Place Amateur Photography, Marine category
copyright Sara Raynor

3rd Place Amateur Photography, Sunrise/Sunset Category
copyright Sara & David Raynor

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Faerylandmom said...

Those pictures are beautiful! No wonder you won...