Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adventures in the New House

It is definitely exciting. Never a dull moment. Just in the first week, the dishwasher flooded the kitchen (but luckily it is covered under the homeowner's insurance), and the washer flooded the laundry room. LOL. Well that David was able to fix. He was so proud of himself exclaiming "I fixed it! And I only broke it a little bit." You see, he broke the front panel off so it's a little loose now, but the washer is NOT leaking now. It works just fine. As for the dish washer, if one of the major appliances had to break beyond repair, I definitely would have chosen the dishwasher. It is mostly a convenience appliance, anyway.

Other than those minor...OK, major mishaps everything has been great. We love our new bed, which we were able to get with the help of some Christmas money we got this year. My mom gave us a fridge as a housewarming present, she is so sweet. I love my fabulously humongous new kitchen. I have cooked just about every night this week (yea, Dave likes that too) and I actually enjoy washing dishes because I can look out across the river to the hills through my large window. It makes me happy.

David has been working hard on his schoolwork and his new job at the medical supply. He is a driver now. He loves it. This was his first week. Better hours, better pay. It is a huge blessing. So since he is busy with school, my mother has volunteered to help me get settled into the house. Last weekend we organized the master bedroom.

This weekend we chose a more challenging project, the bathroom. We bought shelves, a new medicine cabinet, new toilet seat and a hand-towel ring. We ended up going to Lowe's three times today. I officially feel like a homeowner. The third time was at 8:45pm (they close at 9pm). We rushed there because the medicine cabinet we bought was 1/4" too wide. YEP! There was NO WAY it was going to fit. We found one that fit and it looks great. Here is the cabinet we built.

You can kind of see the dragonfly hooks on the wall. David let me get dragonfly stuff for the bathroom. Other than that it is pretty neutral. We are going to paint it a sage green. I can't wait. It really is a lot of fun to fix things up.
This was the bathroom before. There was nothing where the new shelf stands now. We were glad to be able to use that space for storage. Soon I'll be putting something around the window too.


Faerylandmom said...

It's loverly, Sara!

Mom Sleadd said...

I enjoyed reading your effusive comments on home-making. I'm very happy for you both. Kudos to David on getting a better job AND juggling that with school. May your home be blessed by God's spirit.