Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Sign of the Day: All Done

We are teaching Blueberry sign language through the Baby Signs program. In order to do this we have to learn the signs too. We are trying to learn one a day to get our vocabulary up. Today's sign is All Done. You bring your hands together with palms down and brush them away from each other like you are clearing off the table. Click the link to see a video of this sign.

When you speak to a baby in sign language you also say the word. Signing helps language development and reduces frustration in babies because they are able to express their needs. Please join us in the Baby Sign of the Day.


Faerylandmom said...

This just makes me smile. :-)

Sara R said...

Watching your kids sign was our inspiration. David and I decided that day we saw your oldest sign the first time that we were "totally gonna do that with our kids!"