Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Signs, Recap

We have learned these signs so far: (look for previous posts for how to make these signs)

All Done
Change (diaper)

Blueberry knows "up" and "milk". She also started saying "pappa" which is the Italian word used with children for "food". It is easy to say and she says it only when we are feeding her. She also said it with a questioning intonation when I gave her Cheerios. What happened was I handed her one and she was just looking at it. I then put a piece of one in her mouth. She then looked at me and said "pappa?" and I said "yes, sweetie, it is pappa" and she got excited and smiled and then started munching on the one in her hand. I didn't know it was possible at 7.5 months, but it is an easy word to say and in the signing books they say babies tend to learn signs for food as early as 6 months, so why not an easy word at 7.5 months?

We are trying to use the above signs consistently with her. Because we are learning a new language we have to be patient with ourselves too. It has been difficult to prioritize which signs we want to learn next because I don't know what words will interest her the most yet. I am trying to find words that we use a lot with her.

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