Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Tree Hunt

We headed up on a sunny and unusually warm Sunday afternoon. Luckily Grandpa had already staked out a spot for us to tree-hunt and had even found some potential Christmas trees. This makes it a lot simpler when you have little children tagging along.

With two vehicles we headed out with kids and dogs up the windy country backroads of Douglas County. We discovered the trail to be damp but not muddy. It made for an easy hike even for the kiddos. Blueberry was in a back-carrier with Daddy and enjoyed touching the raindrops that collected on the trees. The other kids enjoyed most of the hike without complaints, but were fearful of going back down.

The tree that grandpa picked out was to everyone's liking. It was on a steep slope but we managed to get it down. We found another tree for Marie and her family. After lunch at Wendy's we took a break before all heading out to Grandpa and Grandma's house to decorate.

The kids got to hang all the non-fragile ornaments while the adults helped with the fragile ones. Family traditions are great!

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