Monday, January 9, 2012


We are all recovering. Me from surgery, David from his seasonal job (between his regular job and that one he was working 60 hours per week) and all of us from the holidays. We took a small break from official preschool with Blueberry. Nonna and Daddy filled in a lot of the instruction while I was recovering.

Blueberry is getting really good at recognizing letters so we are now working on lower-case letters. She recognizes numbers and counts to 10 (sometimes skipping a number). She loves to do file folder games and we have been reading a lot. She got a lot of books for Christmas so we have been going through them all.

She has discovered she likes pancakes with "syrpup", also "waf waf" with "syrpup" are great! She got a Dora (the Explorer) shaped pillow for Christmas who has become our second daughter. Blueberry makes sure that Dora has her food and drink and blankie when it is time to sleep. She talks to her and for her. She nods her head for her and does the sign language for please with Dora's hand on Dora's chest. It is fun to watch her pretend with the Dora doll. She interacts with her more than any other doll or toy, though she really loves her baby dolls too.

I am facing a challenge with her academically. She seems to be pretty advanced with shape, letter and number recognition. I do not want to push her to learn how to read, nor do I know how to lead her into it so early, but I think she would really enjoy it and may be able to learn by her 3rd birthday. She is very interested in learning and reading so I don't want to hold her back either.

I was so excited that we were able to get a cabinet for her homeschool stuff with some of our Christmas money. I was able to organize everything to have on hand for her but also have a locking mechanism so she can't get into it unsupervised. It has freed up a lot of our office as well as reduced chaos. I can now see the floor!

I am excited about this year and all that we will accomplish together.

Happy New Year!

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