Saturday, August 4, 2012

Turn Around

We have a lot of news and it seems funny to cram it all in one post, but it isn't like I blog daily or anything.

First of all I want to share that the baby we are expecting is most likely a boy! They will confirm it at the next ultrasound. We are pretty sure based on an ultrasound they did on Thursday. Our little one was kicking and had his hands up by his face and we could see him suckling. He is a little squirmer like his sister. His heartbeat was 144bpm. We are now almost 17 weeks along. Apparently, Blueberry already guessed right and was not surprised at all when we confirmed that she was going to have a little brother.

It's a Boy!

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At the same time that I was getting my ultrasound, David got a phone call with a job offer at Symantec (they make Norton antivirus software and provide other services as well) in Springfield, Oregon. It is a great opportunity and while his job is starting out as "temp" the position is being turned to permanent as soon as the paperwork goes through. The manager that did his second interview said she thought he would fit in there very well. We are very blessed that David's unemployment was only 5 weeks long.

David has a new job!
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I am experiencing some fatigue but my work is going well. They are glad that I pick it all back up so quickly because they are short-staffed and are already having me fill in positions where I have been trained. Since we are so close to paying off our last credit card (which we settled over 2 years ago) we will be in a better financial position. I will work as long as I can during my pregnancy so we can put some money aside for the baby and a possible move. We got all neutral color equipment for Blueberry because we planned to have more and so all I really need is a double stroller. I found the perfect sit and stand stroller (the stroller back seat can be converted so a 3-5yo can sit or stand and hold onto a bar facing forward) that fits the car-seat we already have and I will put some money aside for that too. We are blessed that Blueberry's Nonna is available to watch her so we can clean up our finances. I would rather pay her than send Blueberry to daycare.

Things are turning around for us and our patience and faith is being rewarded.

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