Tuesday, September 4, 2012

6 Great Years and Counting!

We had a modest celebration for our 6th anniversary. We went out to brunch (with Blueberry) at a restaurant that has a Gluten-Free menu. We did some shopping. We paid cash for a used van.

We found a van that was half of what we were budgeting for a "new-to-us" vehicle so we have extra money to get some minor things fixed. We decided to sell our truck because I cannot fit two car-seats in it, not to mention that I can't drive it. I tried, I just couldn't get in tune with that piece of metal. David liked it but he is commuting to work with our car and began to see the wisdom in having two vehicles that we can all ride in. If one breaks down then we can make do with the other.

Our van turned out to be a good purchase. It has a few quirks and dings but the engine is good and the AC works. It might sound crazy but I LOVE my used and paid-for Grand Caravan! Quirks and all.

We have now paid off our last credit card so all we have in debt are student loans. They are in deferment until David's job is permanent. Any money I make right now is going into an emergency fund. Making decisions without debt and with a new perspective seemed like an appropriate way to begin our seventh year together. It is a statement that we have grown together in wisdom and are preparing for a solid future.

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Faerylandmom said...

What a blessing and an encouragement to see you both doing all you're doing. I love you guys, and am so happy you're my friends.