Wednesday, October 24, 2012

100 Things

Inspired by my friend's blog post, and a saying I just read from another friend that says "It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy." These are 100 things that make me happy. Some are little and some are not so little, but they all bring joy to my life. In random order:

1. reading on the couch, with a warm blanket on a rainy day
2. happily sleeping kiddos
3. the sound of children playing happily
4. the smell of cinnamon from something baking in the oven
5. being in the same room with David, even if we are doing different things
6. cooking for friends
7. making gifts
8. my daughter saying I'm "the best friend ever!" or "the best mommy ever!"
9. my husband calling me beautiful even when I don't feel like I am
10. soft couches
11. firm mattresses
12. hot showers
13. deep bathtubs
14. sunny days at the beach
15. reading a book that I don't want to put down
16. a balanced budget
17. having an emergency fund
18. tea party with my 2 year old
19. feeling baby kicking
20. the sound of the rain
21. the sound of the ocean
22. ice water with lemon
23. herbal tea
24. learning new things
25. being around friends
26. the smell of barbecue
27. the smell of fresh sheets
28. the smell of lavender
29. japanese irises
30. my daughter's eyes
31. my husband's arms
32. the smell of the air after it rains
33. nutella
34. losing track of time while doing something artsy
35. being together with my husband and children
36. making meals for my family
37. colored pencils
38. office supplies
39. getting organized
40. my old paid-for van for what it represents (no debt)
41. texts from my husband
42. detailed emails from friends and family
43. repurposing things
44. whenever my daughter surprises me with her brilliance (daily)
45. thinking about what my second baby will be like
46. doing "projects" with kids
47. getting fresh fruit and vegetables at the u-pick farm
48. farmers markets
49. California flea markets
50. writing with a fat ballpoint pen
51. cutting out fabric with scissors
52. sewing on the sewing machine or by hand
53. watching David play with Blueberry
54. going for a drive with the family
55. the peace I feel when I REALLY give my worries to the Lord
56. decorating cakes for other people
57. experimenting with recipes
58. handmade cards, making and receiving them
59. thoughtful gifts, no matter how small
60. having the right tool for the job
61. the smell of sage and rosemary in a roast or roasted potatoes
62. the smell of basil
63. the smell of parsley
64. chinese take-out
65. gluten-free pizza
66. an encouraging word from a friend
67. my daughter's kind and thoughtful nature
68. my husband's ability to balance me
69. my husband's presence that makes me feel like everything will be OK
70. soft blankets
71. herbal scented lotions
72. coconut oil
73. being able to give my time to someone
74. trying out new recipes
75. live music
76. dancing even when nobody is around
77. walking barefoot in sand
78. the sound of wind through trees
79. planning parties
80. organizing digital photos
81. coloring pictures with kids
82. being in the shade on a warm summer day
83. the smell of campfire
84. coconut mochas
85. my mom's homemade tiramisu
86. getting a foot massage from my husband
87. sleeping in, or even just not being in a rush to get up and out the door
88. having brunch with friends
89. good extra-virgin olive oil
90. encouraging others
91. being silly with kids
92. seeing children experience things for the first time
93. animals
94. pretty much all of creation in the beautiful outdoors
95. having plans, but not necessarily sticking to them
96. watching people have a good time
97. watching my husband pursue his career and feeling good about the direction he is going
98. having a good relationship with my mom
99. friends that know I am there for them no matter what, even if we haven't spoken in a while
100. when someone says or does something that tells me that they really understand me and appreciate me the way I am (as an introvert)

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