Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Fun

Last week we started going to David's company softball games. I will never forget the moment when I had Blueberry on my lap, watching David at bat. When he hit the ball, Blueberry exclaimed "He did it!" She clapped and cheered (with her little voice). It is a beautiful thing that her Daddy is her hero. 

Bug had his first time on the swings. Blueberry likes exploring all the new stuff in the area. We have so many parks! Saturday we went to a restored wildlife preserve. We saw herons, geese and ducks. We watched the baby ducks for a good long while and walked about a mile stopping along the way to enjoy the sunny weather. 


Abbie Steffensen said...

We were just at Skinner Butte yesterday! I will have to ask you for park ideas next time we head up that way. We love visiting parks. What is better than free entertainment. ;)

Sara Raynor said...

Abbie, that is one of our favorites so far. We liked our walk out on the Delta Ponds trail last weekend. It is a great place for a nature walk.