Friday, September 30, 2011

Homeschool Log: Preschool

-- Apple Color Matching File Folder Game. Blueberry did this three times, asking to do it "more", and her matching was more precise each time. There are several shades of each color and I was impressed by her distinction between shades. We talked about the names of the colors but she did not need my help differentiating. I did not tell her it was wrong if she put green on the wrong shade of green, for instance. She would correct herself if she put it on not-quite-the-right color.

--We made a Fall Tree by gluing leaf shapes on a
construction paper tree. I drew lines for the tree trunk and cut the top part out of green construction paper. The leaf cutouts were using a leaf-shaped punch from the craft store. Blueberry learned the word "leaf" and "tree" and I told her that in the fall the leaves fall off the tree like we see outside. Blueberry glued some leaves on individually and then we put a lot of glue all over the tree and ground and let her sprinkle the leaves on the paper. We shook off the ones that didn't stick and then sprinkled them on again. She loved doing this over and over.

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