Monday, October 3, 2011

Homeschool Log: Preschool

We are starting a new nap schedule today so I was trying to keep her busy so I could put her down later today. For the last week or two Blueberry has been able to go down at her usual nap time but refusing to take an afternoon nap, indicating that she might be transitioning to one nap. However, the first nap is not lasting her until bedtime, so we end up putting her down earlier which makes her a very early riser (before the sun). SOooooo.... We're trying the noon nap. I kept her up until after lunch then she slept for three hours and it worked out perfect. We are truly blessed with how well she sleeps and how easy her needs are to read.

-- We colored fish pictures. She loves "ish"!

-- Butterfly Numbers Practice. I have this printed out, laminated and on a ring like a flip book. She doesn't trace them yet, but we flip through them and I sing through the numbers 1-10, then backwards like a song we heard on Sesame Street. She asked me to repeat this many times, then she wanted to flip the book for me to sing. It was a fun game.

-- I wrote the Alphabet on paper with a crayon as I sang the Alphabet song. She wanted me to repeat the song many times. We went through it once where she repeated the letter back to me after I said it. She is starting to recognize some letters, though not consistently.

-- Sang the Stegosaurus song. She has been favoring the dinosaur toys in the last few days.

-- When we played with blocks I pointed out the letters.

-- I let her watercolor paint while I washed dishes.

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