Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homeschool: Preschool

These are some of the activities we did last week:

-- Reading: Abbie's Book of Shapes, Cookie's Book of Numbers, Muppet Nursery Rhymes ABCs, Curious George's First Words at the Zoo and First Words at the Farm.

-- Coloring with washable markers, Frog and bee pictures. We spelled her name many times.

-- Traced shapes.

-- Apple Color Matching File Folder Game

-- Shape Matching File Folder Game (made my own)

-- Colored Halloween Pumpkin and Cat pictures to decorate the front window.

-- We sang and danced to children's songs

-- Did patterns with Nonna with the chalk outside. Nonna makes patterns and Blueberry continues them.

-- Playing blocks with Daddy is becoming a daily routine. They talk about the letters and colors on the blocks.

-- Health: We incorporated fluoride-free toothpaste in the pre-bed routine. Blueberry loves brushing her teeth every night and yells "yay!" as we run down the hall to the bathroom when I say it is time to brush our teeth.

-- C is for Caterpillar with the numbers 1-9

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