Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Fun

Our days are filled with picnics, parks and water play. Blueberry has started some preschool again because she wanted to. I started talking about school starting again and she didn't want to wait until fall. Her vocabulary expands daily and she is starting to recognize words so I am taking advantage of her enthusiasm. She is starting to understand number values and has been doing minus 1 subtraction. 

Tiger (a.k.a. Buggaboo) has started signing "milk" and "up". He has a definite "affirmative" sound when I ask him a question. His needs are easy to figure out. He is an incredibly mellow and smiley little boy. Or should I say "big boy". He is huge. He is in the 95%ile for height. We are pretty sure he is going to be taller than Blueberry by the time he is 2 years old. He is rolling over and trying to push himself into other directions. He likes to observe everything and giggles at his sister.

Coffee with Blueberry and Nonna (my mom)

Beading Bracelets

Making new play rice. Mixing the colors together.

treasure discovery bottle
If you have treasure, you must have a treasure map!

Confetti discovery bottle.

Tummy time.

Two Letter Tulips printed on magnetic paper.

Having fun at the MOPS Splash and Play event.

Blueberry picking at Big Bend Berries in Roseburg

"Mommy I'm a hard worker!"

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