Monday, November 25, 2013

Nice Mommy Only Works Days

I love the theme of MOPS this year. It is all about embracing the "Beautiful Mess" that is our lives. Embracing the story and who we are. In the MOPS magazine (actual paper, flip-the-pages from back to front magazine) I read an article entitled "Night Shift Mommy" and it was quite convicting to me. I feel similarly that the kids' bed time is my time to "clock out"and check out and I get grumpy when they get up wanting more from me between bedtime and morning. As the writer says "Nice mommy only works days!", but also with the lack of sleep Night Shift Mommy has been working days too because Nice mommy is just too tired.

I love my children and they need me 24/7. They need me at my best and I don't get to clock out. The best I can do is get a couple of hours "off" on weekends when Daddy is home, and I need to make the most of that. I need to make sure I get enough sleep even if it means going to bed when they do, even though I would like to stay up and watch something with my honey or just read for a while.

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