Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankful: Day 17

I am thankful for technology and social media.

There are many who disparage Facebook and consider it a guilty pleasure. I have had moments like that but if it were not for social media I would not have been able to keep up with and make the friendships that I have made.

Social media is a unique platform that helps you to get to know people on a different level than in face-to-face interactions. I have been able to grow friendships even long-distance because of it. I have even met friends through IRL friends who shared common interests (parenting, homeschooling, gluten-free cooking, etc.) and while these friends are not a replacement for personal interaction, I still value them. I know who to go to with advice because I read their blogs and I have a background into their experience.

I have been kind of slow to get into Skype but after moving an hour away from our families, Skype has helped our children interact with those we can no longer see every day. Children (at least mine) have a hard time associating a voice over a phone with the person and Skype adds the visual element that helps them make that connection. My mother reads books to my 3 year old sometimes and it gives her some Nonna time that she misses.

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