Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preschool Activities

I have been posting a lot more lately because of the "Thankful Day" meme that is going around. I don't want to neglect my preschool posts.

Blueberry knows all her capital letters so now we are working on lower-case letters. She still amazes me with her attention span. I have upper and lower case cards. She put all of the capital letters in order. We sang the alphabet song after every letter to figure out which letter was next. Then she matched the lower case letter to the upper case. She did at least 20 by herself so she knows most of the lower-case.

Matching Upper and Lower Case Letters

We have done letter projects before (where she glues, stamps or sicks items of that letter onto the letter) but she enjoys them so much that we are doing them again, this time with a tracing element and both capital and lower case letters. We got the template from Confessions of a Homeschooler Blog. The Hot/Cold Worksheet is from the Weather Curriculum by Living Life Intentionally Blog.

Hot/Cold Worksheet and Letter A a is for Apple

This week we also went to the Veteran's Day parade. I don't know how much of that she associates with the significance, but it was a fun activity that I hope she will remember. Blueberry is also helping more and more in the kitchen. Last night she helped me make pizza dough and prepare the pizza stones by brushing oil on them. She helps put ingredients in the blender for smoothies (one of her favorite snacks) and last week helped cut out the dough and poke it with a fork for cheesy gluten-free crackers.

A lot of learning these days is just doing different things and becoming more independent and including her in things that we do every day like shopping and putting dishes away.

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