Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Day 16

Just bear with me, I will get to the thankful part...

I don't consider myself a republican, but in this election I leaned more conservative. I consider myself more of a libertarian, if you need a point of reference, but don't go looking up "libertarian" and then assume that you know every thing I stand for. I am just a financial realist and I love my freedom in this country and I like capitalism. I also believe social issues should be a regional issue, not a national issue and that cities/counties/states should decide on their own. I'm pretty sure I could permanently display the above sign quite proudly because I voted for Gore, McCain and Romney. I don't remember an election that the candidate I voted for actually won... but I digress.

I was sorely disappointed by this election. It has nothing to do with "values" and simply that none of the social issues were nearly as important to me as the economy and healthcare. Sorry if I don't care about free birth control and gay marriage (both of which affect a relatively small portion of our population) as much as I care about issues that affect 100% of us like the looming fiscal cliff and national healthcare, 'yall.

I envy liberals. My liberal friends are so happy and excited with the outcome of the election. Honestly, even if Romney had won, I don't know that I would be that excited. I would have more hope, and I was sure he could make the tough decisions and try to get us out of this mess, but I would not be excited and partying. Unfortunately you just can't compete with Giving Away Free Stuff. There is no such thing as "free" anything. Impressionable and idealistic romantics (like I was in college) simply don't get this.

As I look at the details of what this fiscal cliff looks like and the potential outcome I know that eventually social services will not be available as promised because we cannot sustain a greater portion of our population "taking" than "contributing". It doesn't take a math genius to figure that out. It also isn't rocket science that if you start taxing businesses more, or demanding more benefits (unions) that they simply cannot sustain themselves here and will either move to another country, cut jobs or close permanently, leaving even more people out of a job. Government cannot create jobs and wealth, only businesses can. I have a hard time being thankful and hopeful right now for our country's future. 

I turned to my husband, David, and I asked him how we are supposed to make it through this administration, another 4 years. He is more optimistic. He says things can't get so bad that they cannot be fixed. I have my doubts. I do have fear that our children will inherit not only the nation's debt but also the poor economic times that are ahead. David says that as long as we don't count on the government to take care of us and just keep trying to be self-reliant, that we will be OK. I am so thankful for his optimism and when I am with him I do feel like everything will be fine. We don't plan our future being reliant on the government's help, we don't expect any bail-outs, we don't expect social security to be there when we retire. For this I am glad, even if it means living a more modest lifestyle so we can take care of our own needs.

I don't know what all those unconcerned, happy people are smoking (figure of speech) but as much as I wish I was worry-free I will not partake. I am thankful that I have a realistic outlook. I am glad that our family has CHOSEN not to be slaves to entitlement. I am glad we don't base our decisions based on what we can get out of the government, but rather on what we can do for our children's future. We hope one day to be completely out of debt (all we have left is student loans) and hope that one day we can have enough extra to GIVE. 

We may be heading down a socialist path as a country (because that is working so well for Europe), but if I want to be the change that I want to see in the world, I have to 1) not be dependent on the government and 2) WANT to give. I believe that in a capitalist society, when people are doing well and are affluent, they don't just spend all the money on themselves because it is actually FUN to give when you are able to and I like to think that there are a lot of generous people out there. I think we would still have social programs and they would be better run if they were not controlled by the government. If you are forced to or taxed too much to be able to give, then it is NOT FUN. 

So it is times like these that we can lift each other up. Be there for each other and hope for the best. The alternative is not an option. I am thankful to those who help me keep my head on straight during times when I would nearly fall into despair or panic. 

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Huzzah! You are right on, Sara.