Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful Day 18

The Little Things

I am not a material girl. I don't need the biggest and best of everything. I am a huge fan of useful things, even if they come to me second-hand. Things that I use often, that make my daily tasks easier, faster or just more fun. Some are just sentimental. Things I am thankful for because I don't want to take anything for granted.

Here are my top ten:

10) If you ever had to fiddle with ice trays then you also would appreciate an ice maker. I really appreciate that we had the plumbing put in so we could get a fridge with an ice maker when we moved in. We use it daily.

9) We bought a used van this year, cash. It does not have a perfect body. It has a few quirks, but it is comfortable for our family and it runs well. To us it represents no more debt and family first. Even David is starting to enjoy driving it (though he may not admit it). Already it has proved to be useful on long drives and group adventures.

8) The computer is one of the most useful tools in my house. I use it to organize our household and bills. I keep in contact with friends and family who mean so much to me. I keep and organize our photos. I tried using paper to do a lot of these things and first of all, it didn't work; secondly it is such a waste of paper.

7) This is my favorite mug because David gave it to me. He and Blueberry picked it out when they were out on a Daddy-Daughter date. I love the colors and I love elephants!

Favorite Mug

6) French Press. For coffee! (duh!)

5) I remember my mom wasn't able to afford a Cuisinart Food Processor until I was in high school. I got to use it a lot but I really don't need all of the different blades. Years ago I got a mini-Cuisinart. It is perfect! It lasted nearly 10 years and I recently replaced it with another one. It does everything I need it to do. I mostly use it for chopping stuff for soups and sauces. It also chops nuts for cookies and breads. Recently I found it to be the perfect thing to mix the cheese and flour for gluten-free Cheeze-Its.

4) I am thankful my mom taught me how to sew. I use my sewing machine to mend clothes, make clothes, make gifts and alter clothes. It saves so much money to be able to alter my family's clothes. David's pants, Blueberry's dresses and pants, my shirts and dresses. It is a great tool!

3) My smart phone. While I am looking forward to upgrading when our contract renews next month because our phones have started malfunctioning, it is fun to have. One of the nice things of not having the newest and best whenever it comes out is really appreciating it when you can upgrade.

2) Using my glass tea pot makes me happy, mostly because David gave it to me so I think of him whenever I make myself some tea. I enjoy seeing the loose leaf tea swirl around in the hot water.

1) I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer just about every day. It is the single most useful tool in the kitchen.

There are other things that didn't make the top 10 list that are worth mentioning only because they are things that we do take for granted. Running water and indoor plumbing. My MIL told me that in their first house when they were married they did not have indoor plumbing. I know I take it for granted, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge that I appreciate running water. I think electricity goes in this category too. Access to food and healthcare like we have is not seen everywhere in the world. Even those of us who live modestly in this country, live in luxury compared to some people around the world. May we never stop being thankful for those "little things".

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